Saint Laurent | SELF Art Project 01 | Daido Moriyama

by Paulette Ely

Most of us want to wear our Saint Laurent jackets as an asset of our most fashionable selves. However, Saint Laurents new art project, SELF, was produced to show off the expression within the luxury brand as a reflection of the worlds individuality. Through the lens of the most creative minds around the globe, each hand picked by Anthony Vaccarello himself, SELF provides art embodying the no bullshit, censorship-free persona within each stitch of Saint Laurent’s style. In the climate of today, it is not only accepted but truly necessary for each and every person to be the most raw, creative and outspoken version of themselves.

Saint Laurent used this notion to produce a project reflective of societies norms and artistically displayed their core values as a brand to ultimately shake that shit up. The first of the visionaries working on this project is Daido Moriyama, an influential photographer from Japan. His contribution to SELF will be displayed upon the light installation of Paris’ Galerie d’Orléans courtyard, in front of Palais Royal garden, from November 9th to November 11th. Saint Laurent’s SELF is just getting started, yet its already sparking the singularity and artistry in all of us.