Sagittarius Gift Guide

by Collin Schreiber

Between November 22nd to December 21st the sun is in the sign of Sagittarius. The symbol being the centaur archer, who points his arrow skyward. The mutable fire sign’s known for their jovial spirits, philosophical mindset, and their broad vision. The sign is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, giving the Sagittarius their larger than life attitude. Sagittarians are the sign of a the explorer, searching for the deeper meaning. When you are perusing around for a gift for the Sagittarius in your life, make sure to attach an idea of sentiment to your gift.

The color that symbolizes Sagittarius is purple, representing spirituality and abundance. The color frequency resonates with Sag energy and amplifies their manifestation abilities. Gifting your Sagittarius with a visual reminder, like jewelry, will be of an aid of symbolic representation as they move forward with their adventures. Jewelry is a good way for the Sagittarius to express themselves. Typically they are bold and blunt, so giving them a statement accessory piece will coincide with the personality of your Sag.

When shopping for makeup for your Sagittarius, make sure its going to make an impression. They are fire signs after all, sure to create a sizzle and flare in every room they walk into. Jovial in spirit, Sagittarius just wants to have fun. They are the type to hop on a plane with a one way ticket to Saint Tropez. Go big with your gift to them. Out of all the zodiac signs, Sag is going to tell you how it is. So believe them when they say the love your gift, because they wouldn’t have a problem telling you otherwise.

Photography by Jim Turner @JimJTurner

Art Direction by Aitor Saumell @AitorSaumell