Ruinart + the New Museum

by Anahita Safarzadeh

Monday night, Ruinart Champagne and New Museum celebrated landscape designer Lily Kwong Ruinart Artistic Innovation Award. Highly influential artists and designers like, Joseph Altuzarra, Marina Testino, Rushka Bergman, Max Poglia made it out to support Lily. Other big names who attended, actor Nick Kroll, DJ Mia Moretti, and photographers Luke Shabolt and Jill Greenberg.

The dinner honored Lily as well as Xin Liu and Gershon Dublon of creative studio Slow Immediate. They are all members of NEW INC — the New Museum’s cultural incubator, a long standing dedication to the Arts since it was founded in 1729 as the first established Champagne House. 

The award is to honor Lily’s adherence to sustainability and her approach in using living flora and fauna as artistic mediums in which to work. The award is however, not the only thing which Lily is receiving. Her hard work also honored her with a Ruinart grant to continue her artistic endeavors.

The evening was finished off with an accompaniment of Ruinart’s brilliant champagnes, as well as their first ever Rosé champagne.