by Flaunt Magazine

Wake up, loser. It’s picture day.

You’re in the gym, lined up in alphabetical order (why don’t any of your friends have a last name that starts with W?) The photographer is a middle-aged man in a Kangol hat telling you a dumb joke to trick you into smiling. Well, jokes on him. You’re a 15-year-old with braces, and you haven’t smiled in two years.

You see the picture three months later. You’ve got that closed-mouth smirk and a deadpan stare—overexposed and resentful, just how you like it. You’re actually feeling pretty good about this yearbook until you walk into the cafeteria to see Jessica Goldfarb Sharpie-ing “BITCH” across your forehead. Why? Because you made out with her ex at the cast party after “Grease.” It was totally worth it. Better to be infamous than forgotten, right? After all, you’ve always had a thing for Kenickie.

Diesel’s 2018 campaign is giving a high-five to all the “BITCHES” out there: the sluts, nerds, jocks, princesses, preps, and freaks. Let all those Jessicas Sharpie away, because every devil horn, fang, and cartoon dick builds character. In fact, why not beat her to the punch? Take that Sharpie and write “BITCH” on your own forehead. In the words of Diesel, “The more hate you wear, the less you care.” To pair with Flaunt’s exclusive premiere of Diesel’s “Hate Couture,” we interviewed Sebastien White, Dinah Rankin, and TJ to hear how they learned to wear their labels with pride.


Dinah Rankin is a video artist, comedian, and internet personality who uses her incisive wit and meme-making skills to critique our generation’s Insta-zeitgeist.

Describe your creative process for bridging your media and conceptual work with your products. How would you like to have your work seen?

Ideas literally just show up on my mental doorstep, and once they’re there, I have to fully extend them or I’ll go nuts. It can be anything from a painting, to a video, to product manipulation, to performance, anything. I want my work to be seen in whatever platform it’s meant to inhabit. I think the most fun and interesting thing about art today is the speed and process of how it’s shared. Whatever I create, I try to keep in mind how media and communication will add another layer to the piece.

What do you feel is the most common misconception of who you are?

That I’m nice.

Do you ever feel judged for being who you are?

The name Dinah literally means “judged,” so here we are! I feel judged every day just like everyone on Earth does. The only way you can deal with it is to examine yourself and reconcile it within yourself. Do you, honey.

How can the idea of “taking back” the epithets that others try to use against you be empowering?

Oh, I love the word “slut.” Owning whatever people say about you is empowering.

Who do you want to say “fuck you” to?

Whoever decided to change the charger on the new iPhone.


Sebastien White is a creative at heart. He has a hand in everything from a self-published magazine, modeling career, and a line of custom clothing.

What is your favorite tattoo?

My favorite tattoo is my “have a 
nice day” tattoo across my forehead. Everyone that sees it always comments about it, and they seem to have a brighter day, which is the point.

What clique were you in in high school?

I was a naive, Christian virgin until I was about 20. It wasn’t the easiest to fit in all the time.

Have you ever felt criticized or looked down upon for being who you are?

I have two kids, and going to soccer games to support my son or dance lessons for my daughter wasn’t always an inviting experience. Most of the other parents looked at me like I was an alien. I kept on smiling and being myself to teach my kids that there’s power in that. It’s better to have an open heart towards others, and even better to have an open heart towards yourself.

How can the idea of “taking back” the epithets that others try to use against you be empowering?

Just yesterday a man on the street shouted “freaks!” at my wife and me. We thought that was the greatest compliment we could get! We believe that basic people like
to be basic; they don’t change the world in any way. To us, it takes courage, confidence, hard work, and maybe a little bit of “freak” to leave a legacy.

Who do you want to say “fuck
 you” to?

I wouldn’t want to say “fuck you”
to anyone in particular, maybe the occasional crack in the sidewalk that makes me face-plant in public right off my skateboard.


TJ is a non-binary model, advocate, and activist who is fighting for a deeper understanding of gender in our world.

Did you have a high school superlative?

I lasted a solid two years in Catholic high school before getting sent away to a type of reform school in Montana. But if I could go back
in time and be who I am today, I would want it to be “most likely to break boundaries.”

What clique were you in in high school?

The only clique I had was me and my smokes behind Religion class.

Have you ever felt criticized or looked down upon for being who you are?

Of course! Criticisms come with being seen as queer, dyke, non- binary, masculine-presenting, feminist, or covered in tattoos. I have to brace myself sometimes
to take on the women’s restroom. Women have literally told me to leave, or they’ve walked back out to look at the sign to make sure they are in the right bathroom. Gives
me a chuckle when I’m feeling confident, but some days I don’t have the energy. I’d rather just use the men’s restroom because they don’t think twice about me. It helps that I know how to piss standing up.

How can the idea of “taking back” the epithets that others try to use against you be empowering?
I’ve had people scream out their car window – “dyke!” At first, “dyke” made me cringe, and I almost believed I was weaker. I was taught to believe that being a masculine- presenting woman with a feminist mind and a loud mouth was bad. The more I grew into my skin, the more I accepted “dyke” as a badge of honor. Now every time there’s a drive-by “dyke!” I embrace it. Plus,
I love saying dyke. It sounds badass and powerful. It kinda reminds me of that song “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash.

Who do you want to say “fuck
 you” to?

“Fuck you” to anyone who tries to put me in a box.

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Photographer: Mitchell Nguyen Mccormack.

Models: Sebastien White, Dinah Rankin, And Tj At Freedom Models.

Stylist: Dani & Emma.

Hair: Paul Desmarre Using The Ouai.

Makeup: Robert Bryan Using Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Stylist Assistant: Justin Ramirez.