Printed Matters Art Book Fair 2019 | Guide

by Anahita Safarzadeh

This weekend Los Angeles comes together to celebrate, and indulge in print. Since 2013, our community has watched Printed Matters Art Book Fair become something of an annual tradition leading international gatherings and distribution in the publication from emerging and established artists. 3 days, 390 exhibitors, 31 countries, and 35,000 individuals will gather at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Downtown Los Angeles to share discussion, art, and facets of the publishing world.

We’ve put together a list of some local Los Angeles publications which interested our experimental appetites.  

Blum & Poe

Since 1994, this group has been representing exhibition programs with over 40 artists working across medias and geography to present post war and contemporary art. Blum & Poe works to encompass the difference in artists generation, nationalities, race, and gender to bring forth books, prints, and catalogues with original and unique scholarship. They’re booth will be at I01.

A Magic Mountain

As a Risograph press, AMM prints and publishes artists work in collaborations with conceptual projects. They provide artists with the means to produce, finance, and distribute work as well as gain support in the community. AMM makes book-making a possible and accessible process for artists in order to gain a wider audience and have their work be available. They will be found at R45.

Coloured Publishing

Local publishers founded by artists in collaboration, Troy Strother and Yuri Ogita, they make shit we want to keep. Coloured Published creates art books, zines, prints, and fashion pieces which are bold with color as well as message. Catch them at L11.


Los Angeles based group, DUM DUM Zine, publishes art and literature in experimental formats; this years issue being a literal survival kit. The group generates regular web publications which feature interviews, flash fiction, photography, as well as music. Find the women behind the publication at R05.

Golden Spike Press

Golden Spike is a platform which has dedicated their efforts to small run books, booklets, and multiples for over 7 years. They have collaborated with various projects to help host artists, educators, writers, and critics all over Los Angeles. You can find more information about their upcoming events at P02 booth.

Hat & Beard Press

Los Angeles-based print collective as well as production house, Hat & Beard, works to produce original, illustrated, pieces of nonfiction books with pop-cultural and historical significance. They collaborate with galleries, museums, and artists to generate original monographs, as well as redesigning classic titles which are worth a second glance. Hat & Beard can be found at the M04 booth.

Modern Women Projects

Over the last decade, this group has published over 30,000 issues in a variety of work. MWP publishes feminist and queer zines, publications, apparel, and art books with the metaphysical support of founder, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener. You may find them and some visual magic at R56.

Silent Sound

Young and experimental, Silent Sound aims to release books and projects in collaboration with emerging and established contemporary artists, photographers, and musicians world wide. Started by Coley Brown, Silent Sound, has grown to publish global masterpieces which can be found at L13.

The event caters to every genre, age, nation, and generation. It brings together worlds and dreams by hosting a comfort space where artists can share and emerge themselves with those who consume their work, as well as those who produce their work. Plan your booth hoping wiseley, because three days is not enough time to fully experience the world of small press, print, and art, but, it is enough time to get a taste which can spark your desire for print. The Printed Matters site offers an extensive map for anyone lost.

Photos by Ruben Diaz