Princess Nokia Remasters "Metallic Butterfly"

by Kyle Huewe

Cover art for  Metallic Butterfly

Cover art for Metallic Butterfly

Over the past few years, Princess Nokia has experienced nothing short of a meteoric rise. Every hip hop-head from Seattle to Cambridge knows her name, and her breakout single “Tomboy” has since surpassed 8 million streams on Spotify alone.

And today, Princess Nokia drops something special: a remastered re-release of her 2014 debut Metallic Butterfly, complete with three bonus tracks written during the early-Princess Nokia era. The original was produced entirely by OWWWLS, and this time, the remastered edition comes through Rough Trade Records.

Since the release of Metallic Butterfly, Destiny Nicole Frasqueri – the feminine powerhouse behind the moniker – has experienced success as an actress, model, intersectional feminist, contemporary philosopher, and activist. This woman wears more than one hat, her music just the pinnacle of her talent that brought her into our lives.

Metallic Butterfly, even at its original release, was special. It combined a myriad of thematic elements, preaching about the power of femininity, womanhood, identity, and owning oneself as an independent being who can conquer the world, yet unafraid of accepting birthright challenges bestowed upon you. She received praise from the likes of Vice and Complex for her work, and only continued to grow both on the stage and in our hearts.

Included with the remastered album comes a note, handwritten by Destiny on the day of Metallic Butterfly’s release. “Today is the release of my 1st Body of music, Metallic Butterfly,” she wrote in 2014. “And I am very excited and please with what I have Done.”

Read the full note below and bask in the nostalgia of Princess Nokia before the blowup, before the household name association, with Metallic Butterfly. This is, before all else, an album that deserves to be remastered.

Handwritten note by Princess Nokia, written in 2014 on the day of  Metallic Butterfly ’s   release

Handwritten note by Princess Nokia, written in 2014 on the day of Metallic Butterfly’s release