Poolaroids with LA Models Hayley Wheeler

by flaunt

poola1 2_preview.jpg

How do you like Halloween matching outfits? 

Last year me and my boyfriend went as The Greasers from the movie Grease, that was fun!

What scares you the most? 

Definitely clowns! I wanted to see the movie It, but I would probably die! 

What's your go to store? 

Urban Outfitters (glasses she's wearing are from UO)

Autumn trends? 

I just saw these amazing blue semi camo (camouflage) pants, that are super baggy and a cropped top that is super cute!!! I'm kind of obsessed with those. I'd wear them with a pair of heels. But I love winter, and big cozy sweaters. 

Produced and Photographed by Linda Nyvltova

Hayley Wheeler with LA Models