Weekend Recall: SARO

by flaunt


The present is painful, the future unforeseeable, and the past a distant memory of better times on LA electronic artist Saro’ s new single “Sky Doesn’t Blue,” released on Friday, June 9. The song follows his 2016 debut In Loving Memory and teases his upcoming sophomore EP.

Saro is the kind of artist whose innovation merits a bigger following, and one who seems destined to gain it. He's certainly put the work in – new tracks, a sophomore EP in the works, opening for Miguel at the Northside, racking up praise from Stereogum and Pigeons & Planes. His unique aesthetic and unsparing and introspective songwriting take you into his world, while the soaring falsetto and brooding synths keep you there, waiting for more.

“Sky Doesn’t Blue” departs from traditional electro-pop music with its underlying melancholy, where he sings on the chorus’ opening lines: “Close the book / Know there is no happy end / On that one thing I can depend / Time is killing all my friends.” Various beats overlap, moving seamlessly from one one backdrop to the next, creating an overall impression of a certain beauty laced with dread. The song speaks to an overpowering and fresh sorrow, with an expressive concept video to match.

But Saro isn't all reflection and introspection. We had him take us along for a weekend in his world ahead of his appearance at Northside Festival, and it's clear he knows how to have a good time as well. Take a look: 


I traveled to New York City this weekend for my first East Coast performance after being invited to open for Miguel at Northside Festival. This was only my second time really getting to experience NYC.

First thing first, Pizza. I probably had about 8 slices of pizza this weekend, and this place was THE BEST. Okay maybe its moniker has me brainwashed, but it was really really good.

I’m not sure if this was an art contest, but if it was, I hope the Christmas tree won.

Friday we got to explore Brooklyn and sightsee a bit, so we went to Williamsburg to take in some views of East River and City. My bandmate Nicole and I couldn’t quite fully disconnect from our phones the because of the pre-show madness.


Here’s me waking up in Bushwick excited to perform. Yes this is a selfie. No shame.

My performance at Northside Festival was magical. The weather was perfect as the sun was setting. The crowd was by far the biggest I’ve played for, and all of my songs were resonating through me at a different frequency that day.

My friend Adesuwa brought me flowers! Yes, that is me wearing metallic Haider Ackermann pants and a Top Shop crop top. I may or may not have had a few pulls of whiskey before this was taken.

After the show I went out to celebrate with my team, and at the end of the night I met up with Adesuwa again. We stayed out for what seemed like forever. Here’s Adesuwa on a stoop in Manhattan waiting for our Uber to rescue us from the “After, After, Afterparty.”


We caught this beautiful sunrise on the way back to Adesuwa’s place in Harlem.

By Sunday, the tornado that was Northside Festival had settled, so my band and I decided to head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a relaxing day of historic art and air conditioning.

The Comme des Garçons exhibit at the Met was unbelievable.

 I found this masterpiece that I want to be buried in. It was titled “Birth, Marriage, Death.” I’m not even exactly sure how it’s worn, but it’s perfect.

We got to hang with this guy on the roof of the Met.

And here’s the phenomenal view of central park.

Written by Brianna Di Monda