Worldview: The Stakes Issue

by RiFF Raff

i’m A BiG Kid Now

I AM iN THE BEGiNNiNG STAGES OF BEiNG iN a PLACE THAT iS THE NEON iCON. The stars are so far away but you can still see them. That’s a reality to you, even if those stars are already burnt off and you are only getting the reflection or ray of light that is shining from years ago. Your vision is seeing this actual sparkle. Your brain can determine what your eyes see as a star in the sky, but it goes both ways. What you can envision, what you can dream, is also a reality. It’s your reality and no one can take that from you. Your dreams, your feelings—when I’m mad I don’t rush to make myself happy or postpone those feelings—they are real feelings that you can be happy all the time....or can you? 

If you remember being a kid, all you want are new shoes, fun snow cones, good music, good food, funny movies, cartoons, to play outside—all those things stuck with me forever. I’m a BiG KiD now. I was the kid in high school who, every girl I talked to, once she got to really know me, would say I was “immature” or they would tell me to “grow up.” Well, I never grew up but they did. They got married/had kids and now they watch their kids grow up. And me, I’m still a baby toddler rockin’ VERSACE and flipping Porsches into Bugatti’s.

When I see everything or anything it has to not clash with the Cosmo zone that I live in. Now, true enough, I have to do things I don’t want but soon that will be un-allowed, or that will pass when I move to this island and have a private jet, a private world like Peter Pan.

When you see a star in the sky that star has already burned out years ago, if you only believe in what you see then your eyes are telling your brain that’s a twinkling star. If you only think that the physical facts are real, then you aren’t maximizing your life. I feel sorry for the people who ask “are you a joke?” BECUZ that question alone lets me know that they aren’t on my Cosmo Zone. We don’t think alike and they are more worried about society than being on that other mental level that only a small percentage of the Dreamers possess. It’s not Luck, its Not “an act” it’s life and I’m living My Truth, I’m Living My Dream, I never grew up, I’m still a toys R Us kid.

I remember when I was in high school, and even now I’m very silent around public people or people who aren’t in my Cosmo Zone, but if someone gets to know me personally then they will call me immature or childish, and I never cared... I have spent my whole life trying to get away from society and be five years old again. I love, it’s my life, my rules, if you don’t like it then you should go get married and have kids and enjoy your life, however makes you happy.

Written by RiFF Raff


RiFF Raff