do it well or not at all

by Elaina Ransford

Parachute Market opens for the weekend at the new One Santa Fe in the Los Angeles Arts District

Parachute Market is an event that examines, implicitly and explicitly, the nature of the temporary. A weekend-long design marketplace, its existence is at once fleeting, and filled with objects whose entire purpose is to last a lifetime.

Opening with a private reception on Friday night, the marketplace quickly became a celebratory, vibrant, raucous party at the center of which sat Quincy Jones and his protege, Alfredo Rodriguez. The two guests of honor filled the cavernous space with passionate jazz piano music, punctuated by the sounds of cocktail shakers, courtesy of The Spare Room.

The wares being showcased integrated seamlessly into the space. Clean lines, tastefully placed furniture, and gorgeous clothes all interacted with each other from booth to booth, so that the entire marketplace looked like one giant, well-curated art show. Moreover, the artists and designers attending the market seemed somehow aesthetically coordinated with the wares they examined. Watching the people meander in and around giant sculptures and minimalist benches, it was impossible not to meditate on the ephemeral nature of existence. And equally impossible not to want to combat this transiency through creation, design, and innovation.