Britt Robertson

by flaunt

“We never thought one actor would be able to play the thirteen-year age span and thought we would have to split it up, but Britt was able to nail it seamlessly. We believed every moment of her performance.” – Producer Lee Nelson, Henry Joseph Church

Spoiler alert: actress Britt Robertson[13] is “not the next big thing.” But even if she tells that to the Los Angeles Times, truth is: she’s absolutely killing it. After her debut in The Ghost Club (2003) led to a Young Artist Award Nomination, this 25-year-old South Carolina-born star has sprinted past forty-two acting credits and a starring role on Under the Dome (2013-2014). Here, charming clichés may have factored into her being cast as Angie McAlister, a young waitress at the Sweetbriar Rose (nominative determinism, yeah?), and a volunteer candy striper, who dreams of leaving home. But it remains, even after indulging in Beverly Hills life, and delivering 12 years of solid acting work, Robertson has Southern remnants she might still shuck off. But really, is being so sweet a bad thing? In upcoming Henry Joseph Church, she portrays Charlie, a girl of strong character who meets the titular Henry (played by master enigma Eddie Murphy) when he’s hired as a short-term cook; the two forge a unique friendship that lasts 15 years (and implies many lighthearted ahhs and heavyhearted tears). Robertson also told the Times that she’s actually looking for more character work. Fingers crossed she gets what she wants. CALIFUK screens would be blessed.

13 Born 18 April 1990[a]

13.a “It is a question of the political will to restructure your economy to the benefit of preserving our culture another two to three centuries, and not another 50 years.”[i]

13.i Paul Vellinga, director of climate policy for the Dutch Environment Ministry, from: “Bush rejects early action on ‘uncertain’ global warming”[ *] 

by Martin Walker | Guardian | 18 April 1990

 * As of August, NASA’s website states: “Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities.” Touché.

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