Pavel Brenner x Brodinski Music Video "Split"

by Paulette Ely

Pavel Brenner, credited by i-D magazine as one of the top 5 best forthcoming music video directors around, uses his beloved city of Los Angeles as the fast and edgy backdrop for his newest work with DJ Brodinski in the video, “Split.” Earlier in July, The Bromance Label founder and fist-bumping French DJ debuted his single, “Split,” featuring the powerful verses on the track by Atlanta rapper Peewee Longway. Accompanying this hit was the music video that will keep everyone talking, thanks to the creative minds of Pavel Brenner and  the peeps at the production company, Couscous Saumon. The costuming by Penelope Strintz has proven to fully embrace the 90's spirit and has already been Virgil Abloh approved.

As a song that dances between the lines of rap and EDM and emphasizes a vibe of crime and the fiery unknown, “Split” is the basis of creative brilliance in more ways than one. The video artistically depicts a young gang member who wishes only to split away from his life of organized terror by aesthetically blowing the brains up of his bad-guy boss and body guard.

Brodinski strives to achieve a level of complexity in each of his projects, as he works to marry techno beats with lyrics that sing to today’s hip-hop culture. Thanks to Brenner and all hands on deck for the melancholy music video, “Split” indeed channels such complexity that Brodinki reaches for as well as expressive elements of alluring gangster culture all tied together inside of a “pimp-my-ride” style get-away car.

Watch the full video here

Written by Paulette Ely