Ornament | “Better Saturday”

by Niza Metoyer

Ornament, a music group from Nashville, composed of three friends with a love and appreciation for music combine to make a sweet sound. Their vibe is reminiscent of somewhere between sixties surf rock and the indie sounds of the 00’s “The“ bands. Though alternative is set apart from the typical indie-rock through an obvious appreciation for many genres while maintaining an easily digestible sound.

Ornaments journey to today was not easy. Each member struggled through different bands and sounds before they found each other. Lead singer and songwriter Will Mann creates the foundation for the groups sound, which Alec O’Connell fills with hypnotic bass work, these two are tied together by drummer Ryan “Domo” Donoho to create a new and refreshing sound.

The baroque pop trio has released a 7 inch along with a music video for their song “Better Saturday” featured here. They take off on tour their Winter 2019 tour on January 18.