One Year Of Resistance Exhibition Curbs Trump's Enthusiasm

by Kara Powell

Alison Jackson , Donald Trump with Miss Mexico.  ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE. 

Alison Jackson, Donald Trump with Miss Mexico. ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE. 

Believe it or not, it's been one year since swarms of concerned women and men flooded the streets of every major metropolis in iconic pink hats, signifying that "pussies grab back" and symbolizing a worldwide movement. A powerful subset of the resistance were then, and are today, artists, whom create in equal and opposite reaction to the perverse policies of the world's most powerful Pussy Persecutor, Donald Trump. In the spirit of that reaction, group exhibition ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE opens on January 16 and runs through February 4 at The Untitled Space in New York City.

The exhibition curated by artist and Untitled Space gallery director Indira Cesarine, marks the dawn of a new day for a society fed up with the jeopardization of certain inalienable rights and undeniable protections at the federal level, like immigration policies, transgender rights, and the right to healthcare. More than 82 artists will spread the message to continue curbing problematic realities such as climate change, white supremacy, sexual harassment, and gun control through contemporary photography, paintings, textile displays, installations, and performance art during the show's three week run. 

Jen Dwyer,  Porcelain Boxing Gloves,  2017. ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE. 

Jen Dwyer, Porcelain Boxing Gloves, 2017. ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE. 

An opening reception will be held the night of the 16th from 6 to 9pm for artists involved. A portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Cesarine, the woman at the helm of last year's collaborative exhibition UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN with the Equal Rights Amendment Coalition (ERA), issued a statement of intention for the upcoming exhibition, saying:

"This is an important time to reflect upon the last year and how Trump's presidency has impacted our society...It is extremely disturbing that our cultural foundation is being rocked by the very platform that is meant to protect and serve our nation. The exhibition ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE gives voices to artists from all backgrounds, genders and ages in light of these controversial issues that have brought millions to the streets in protest. Throughout history, art has always played a significant role when it comes to representing the sentiments of the populace. It is crucial for the voices of the people to continue to be heard."

Panteha Abareshi,  Mother . ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE. 

Panteha Abareshi, Mother. ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE. 

By slipping their hands into ceramic artist Jen Dwyer's Porcelain Boxing Gloves, and paying homage to painter Panteha Abareshi's Mother, resisters can embrace change imagined and refuel their hearts and minds in preparation to take to the streets once again on behalf women and countless disenfranchised groups come January 21.  

The Untitled Space, an art gallery which curates programs focused on "Women in Art," is located in Tribeca, New York at 45 Lispenard St, Unit 1W

Written by Kara Powell