Oliver Ignatius feat. Ezra Miller | "Sad Town" Video

by Flaunt Magazine

"GOD becomes humanity on the day of Reckoning and is judged, by Humanity, who realizes it is the Divine just in time to mourn its accountability. Light is revealed to be nothing but half the range of a swinging pendulum. The pendulum swings. The pendulum reaches the end of its momentous historical movement into darkness and so must yield to gravity and swing back. It swings from the heart. The heart remains the heart, though your stomach is in what was your throat's place and your crown is at your feet. Unfamiliar lights in the sky below. A sick feeling in the gut. Destruction at hand. Oxygen rushes into the fire. two become one once again, and so lose both themselves and each other. An end of summer drop, to phrase it simply." - Oliver Ignatius and Ezra Miller

Sons of an Illustrious Father front man Ezra Miller has just collaborated with long time producer and friend Oliver Ignatius on a slow track “Sad Town” which was a response to grieving a friend’s unexpected passing last December. This is the first time that Miller has used his own name on a track. Since releasing the song a few weeks ago, the duo has come to Flaunt to release their video Directed by Eamon O’Rourke and Roland Hutchison. The video goes back and forth between Oliver and Ezra in nature and a soundstage respectively. The two have described the video as, ”About the irreconcilable sorrow felt by two on the day of a great shift in polarity. The north towards which you have trekked so long suddenly is to the south and all your surplus turns to deficit in the cosmic Inversion. Your head is where your ass was, can that check be cashed? All the cash can't save us, for we cannot save the cash.” Check out the video and behind the scenes photos and see more of Ezra Miller from our feature with Sons of an Illustrious Father  

Written by BJ Panda Bear