OK Whatever

by Talulah Brown

OK Whatever is an Oakland-based, alternative news publication made for readers with a hankering for all things weird. Their vibrant website is divided up into four sections: WTF (paranormal, myths, fantasy, and anything really strange); Things (culture, food, art, technology, music, etc.); Selfie (fashion, health, beauty); and Naughty (sex, love, and other devious topics). It includes a mixture of long reads, quick hits, Q&As, personal essays, listicles, How-To's, and infographics.

Founded by a veteran of the LA Times and SF Weekly, the peculiar founder Jessie Schiewe found herself pushing stories outside of the mainstream with Titles like; “People Keep Trying To Have Sex With This Hedge”, “What To Do With All Your Beanie Babies You Have in Storage”, “Would You Do It In A Truck?” and “Can Hair Save Our Oceans?” populate the website and make it hard to choose which wacky piece to read first. Some of our faves include: