Flaunt Premiere | NOIA "Ausencias"

by Cayla Rubin

NOIA, a Barcelona-born film composer and music producer, is not only combining Spanish, English and Catalan lyrics seamlessly in her new four track EP, Crisálida, she’s also simultaneously fusing her culture and tradition into her left-field experimental pop songwriting. Flaunt is pleased to premiere her music video for “Ausencias,” exploring the first two universally relatable lines of the song, “Do I want you? Or do I want to be you?”

Through breathtaking imagery, the music video is a means to express the concept that no one can save you from yourself—that to feel complete, love has to come from within. At first, the ethereal dance sequence in the video depicts the inner torments of NOIA’s mind. Tapering off in eternal dance, the video and song are representative of our endless quest for identity and search for self love.

Watch the video below and stream NOIA’s EP on Spotify.

Directed by: Amy Gardner

Styled by: Yasmina Benabdelkrim

Dancers Styled by: Suna