by Anahita Safarzadeh

Nick AM, New York-based music producer and artist is releasing the first EP, “FATALE” will release following his last five #1 spots on Hype Machine’s popular charts. The millions of Spotify views have confirmed that listeners cannot get enough of the themes of loss and romance in the harmony of lo-fi house music with indie electronic beats. The album features Australian singer, Violet, and the French new wave film, ‘Breathless’.

In light of social stereotypes and social parameters set on children of immigrants, Nick AM shows his viewers that despite your background and ethnicity, if music pumps your blood than no archaic social norms will stop you from letting the rhythm bleed. His music breaks through Persian male stereotypes and highlights love, fragility, and failure while still threading in his Iranian-American culture.

May 10th, club goers can see the live premiere of the new EP at NYC club, The Arc.