NextStreet Gallery | "Peace of Mind"

by Morgan Vickery

Located in the historic Marais district of Paris, NextStreet Gallery opens its doors to present “Peace of Mind” — a group exhibition presenting original works of urban art from six established and emerging artists.

Forager  by  Smug One

Forager by Smug One

Using a variety art media — from painting and film to 3D murals and sculpture — the artists reflect on the impact of the stressful and monotonous every-day-life on human psychology, examine the social construct around ‘youth criminality’, communicate their social and environmental commentary and attempt to dissect the human psyche, social dilemma, and environmental problems brought by industrialization, information overflow, and technology of modernity. Fine arts co-locate with graffiti, hyperrealistic photography with futuristic sculpture, continuing the conversation about the future of our contemporary culture and street art.

WWW  by  Wes 21

WWW by Wes 21

The exhibition is on view at 23 Place des Vosges in Paris through July 14, featuring works from Smug One, Insane 51, Onur , Wes 21 , Kaili Smith , and Li-Hill.

Written by: Valerie Stepanova