by Isaac von Hallberg

With pumps on their feet and popcorn in hand, some Hollywood cuties made a trip to the west side on Saturday for a very special screening of Andrea Riseborough’s new film, Nancy, in collaboration with BCBG, and written about in our current news stand edition, The Prelude Issue. Hosted at the Nuart Theater, not only did guests submit to the silver screen to watch this Sundance award winning film, (The Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award to be exact), but also enjoyed of a live Q&A with writer/director Christina Choe and long-time Flaunt conspirator, Mark Romanek, after the credits rolled. Choe emphasized that it was not luck that aided in the production of this emotionally intricate and inventive film, but rather the grit and creativity of the female-centered team that anchored its tour de force. Get the low down on Andrea Riseborough and her mastery of the bull-shit free career path hereand enjoy the photo gallery of attendees. 

Written by Paulette Ely