Yaeji Brings Whisper Rap to the Techno Scene with 'Raingurl' Video

by Sonum Kahlon

Korean-American musician, Yaeji, just dropped a music video to accompany her catchy new song, “Raingurl,” which is a part of her latest release, EP2. Soft whispered rap on top of a funky techno beat, Yaeji’s work isn’t like much else out there.  

Her self-directed neon themed video is set in a club void of synchronized dance moves—it’s a real party. According to her interview with i-D Magazine, Yaeji wanted this video to convey the discrepancy she feels between the introspective “inner dialogue and outer attitude” she has while out for the night.

This song blends pop, rap and techno, beautifully. Check it out the video above.