What’s In Yr Fridge, Terminal A?

by Daniel Warren

A Photo Series of Personal Spaces Compiled by Our Friends and Lovers, and a Video Premiere, in All its Grimy Classicism

Terminal A - St. Anthony from Terminal A on Vimeo.

Terminal A could be L.A.'s most viscerally deconstructed synth punk duo. Preprogrammed backing tracks, a guitarist and a singer. That's the entire live act. But then there's vocalist Colin Peterson and his incomparable acrobatics. Imagine Iggy Pop in his peanut butter-era filtered through a childhood devoted to ballet. In their latest video for "St. Anthony," director David Tamargo casts a stark gaze on the band on a deathly night-ride through a universe of inescapable, superimposed gore. The track was produced by prominent late '70s-early '80s punk Paul Roessler (The Screamers, 45 Grave). Next year, "St. Anthony" will be released as a split 7" with the BCGs on Records Ad Nauseam.

Hard at work, programming the night away!

We use our wall space as mood boards.

We live and work in cramped quarters. So we have to fold up our beds to record.


Scorpio Rising daydream.

A little classical grandeur goes a long way.

This bookshelf contains most of the source documents that we are working with for the new EP.