What’s in Yr Fridge Ben Browning?

by flaunt

A Photo Series of Personal Spaces Compiled by Our Friends and Lovers accompanied by a Track Premiere

Ben Browning is one quarter of electronic pop sensation Cut/Copy and is currently on tour for his solo album Turns. His track "Friends of Mine" has gotten a remix by L.A. duo Wild & Free, premiered above. We put a few questions to the bassist and/or wunderkind.

What are your must-have items when going on tour?

I like to have a working iPhone and set of headphones for listening to new age relaxation music whilst on flights. A pair of sunglasses comes in handy for those early morning hotel lobby calls.

How has the process of making music changed for you by going solo?

I've always made music by myself, even before I joined Cut Copy, so it hasn't changed things too much. It's a little more frightening doing things with out the band mates to fall back on, but there are  lot of people who help me produce my tracks and perform them live so it's no too bad I suppose!

Who have some of you biggest influences been behind this album/song?

I was really getting into a lot of late 70s and early 80s Japanese electronic stuff while making the album. I guess a bit of Paul McCartney's solo stuff inspired this record and definitely the work of Lindstrom from Norway.

What is the most insane thing that has happened to you during a tour?

I got my face split open under my eye once in a night club in Paris after somebody accidentally threw a large chunk of ice across the dance floor. Apparently I was asking for some ice cubes for my drink.

Catch Ben on his tour with Moullinex this summer: