The Great Aural Interplay 8

by flaunt


From left to right: Silk button-up shirt by ALLSAINTS, trousers by H&M, and bracelets by GABRIAL ARTIGAS. Jean shorts by ALLSAINTS.

The Great Aural Interplay 8

A grip of blind dates betwixt a grip of musicians

[it seemed like a good idea at the time]

He Met Her interviewed


Bass Drum of Death

Mowgli Moon and Rocky Chance burn a bowl of chronic back and forth in their video render of “Toknight We Ride,” legs naked and intertwined atop a military canon while dusk undoes the heat of a flaming, sienna-washed Acapulco. He fingers the string of her hip-slung shorts; she drags her nails across his bare core. We want these two to make a baby—and they have: a crossbred hip-hop, electro synthpop love child bumping with bouncy blood rush and come-hither chemistry that oozed in the moment He Met Her.

Bass Drum of Death: If you could get drinks with anyone ever in history, who would it be? He Met Her: Galileo Galilei, because we would love to get his insight on space, and Ms. Monroe because we love a good party partner. It seems like we could have a blast laughing in the back seats of cars and sneaking in and out of bars.

What was the last thing you bought? Mowgli: An e-purchase: a Metallica Ride the Lightning T-shirt. I’m into old band shirts. I’ve been collecting a few off of eBay the last couple months, but the recents have been hip-hop groups. I wanted to throw in some rock n roll!

Rocky: An eighth of Tangerine Dream, to enjoy the artwork on his new shirt.

If you could go to another planet in our solar system, which one and why? We’d have trouble choosing one in our solar system; we like greenery and oxygen. However, Kepler-22b, in our neighbor galaxy, sounds inviting, with all its ability to sustain life.

Would you rather have a) bowling balls for hands, or b) household vacuum cleaners for legs and why? This is hard. We don’t want the bowling balls for obvious back problem reasons, and the vacuum cleaners might result in too many people asking us to help with their cleaning; but if we had to choose, it’d be the latter. We don’t mind the idea of being able to roll around everywhere.

What are your favorite and least favorite animals and why? Favorites: Lions (because Rocky is a Leo), dragons (because Mowgli’s Chinese horoscope is the same), and muntjac deers (because we are planning to get one as a pet!).  Least favorites: demon dogs (Mowgli was attacked when he was a kid), bitchy cats (no one likes an asshole who doesn’t want to be pet).

Photographer: Josh McNey at Stylist: Shab Mohammad. Producer: Jason Costa at