Sympathy for the Disco’s LA Launch Party: Time to Get That Groove Back

by Flaunt Staff


Do you ever feel like you don’t belong in this decade? Maybe like me, you long for the nostalgia of the past with its old-school styles and lack of self-absorbent screens. Or you’re quite the opposite and you’d love to flash-forward to a paperless world where VR and AR are part of our everyday lives.

Either way, this event is the perfect one for you. The founders of Fleetmac Wood, and DJs Roxanne Roll and Mister Sushi bring you Sympathy for the Disco’s LA Launch Party. The event combines modern DJ techniques and styles with some of the greatest songs of the '70s.

You can escape to the future and travel back in time concurrently with a night full of swinging remixes from some hot DJS. For those brave, brass and bold souls that are interested, the party will take place at the Moroccan Lounge in DTLA this coming Saturday. It begins at 10 but extends into the hazy hours of the morning. Dance as long as your legs can handle!