Fire and Brimstone, Death and Decay

by flaunt

PREMIERE: WOLVVES: "White on White"

‎And thence spewed "White on White," the latest single from Brooklyn's WOLVVES, and all manner of hell in hand baskets, ‎fire and brimstone, death and decay--and that criminal moment you realize that our species is not a power puppeteer, but rather a synaptic slave to any and all giving light--washed away what sidewalk sentiments remain from last night's block party, baby shower, crucifix. And the results are beautifully jarring. Says Elizabeth Valleau, who fronts WOLVVES with her two siblings, Joshua and Lewis, of the video, which premieres here on, "'White on White' is about the pleasure and swagger of being an apex predator. It's a diss rhyme towards prey animals, and the name 'white on white' is both a classic hip-hop reference and an evocation of arctic carnivore camouflage. In the video, the band is shown pulling the strings of otherworldly creatures remotely. Small gestures awaken and animate bizarre characters in the darkened N.Y.C. landscape. We are playing with the notion of a wild world beyond the seen: the idea that the supernatural and sinister is alive and watching at all times...and sometimes the dominant predator is the one you least susp‎ect.

PRODUCTION: DIRECTOR: Daniel Gomes DoP: Adam Newport-Bera PRODUCER: Ryan Heiferman LINE PRODUCER: Stacey Thiel PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Betil Dagdelen STYLIST: Joshua Liebman HAIR: Michael Duenas MAKEUP: Alex LaMarsh CREATIVE CONSULTANT: Ben Cope DIT: Matt Lowe EDITOR: Adam “Zuk” Zuckerman VFX: Dustin Bowser POST SUPERVISOR: Ralph Miccio PRODUCTION CO: Good Company Irish Hunger Memorial designed by Brian Tolle

CAST: HIP HOP DANCER: Ann Courtney TRIPLET DANCERS: Carlton Ward, Lia Bonfilio, Rebekah Morin KID: Zephyr Chaffer FETUS GIRL: Elizabeth Carena CAR SCENE: Ann Courtney, Lena Utin, Roze Traore SNIFFERS: Bria Brown, Jonathan Valleau, Jamie Valleau OLD MAN 1: Vincent Notice OLD MAN 2: Lewis Gardner BUSINESSMAN: Hunt Block BUS STOP WOMAN: Alison Pelletier