Scratch Massive Debuts Music Video for their Latest Single "Last Dance"

by Flaunt Magazine

Scratch Massive has released his music video for “Last Dance”, the latest single from their upcoming album Garden of Love, out via bORDEL Records. In a surprising change of tone, the band diverges from their usual brooding, propulsive electronica to craft a melodic, emotionally lush single. Underscored by gorgeous washes of Maud Geffray’s richly mornfoul vocals, the video follows the budding, voyeuristic love that a young gangster has for a doe-eyed ballerina. As violence dominates the boy’s life, he finds solace in mimicking the dancer’s moves while he watches her from the roof of an adjacent building. Though the visual juxtaposition of beauty and tragedy is striking, the music stands on its own through its Drive-esque hypnotic beat and Geffray’s haunting vocals. If this track is any indication of what’s to come, there’s a lot to look forward to in Garden of Love.

Music by Scratch Massive
Vocals by Maud Geffray

Video Credits:
Written and directed by Jérôme de Gerlache
Dop Pete Pithai Smithsuth
Produced by Jean-Alexandre Luciani
Edited by Nicolas Capus
VFX Emilien Lazaron
Colourgrading Jean-Christophe Savelli