Chippy Nonstop

by Hayley Elisabeth Kaufman


Chippy Nonstop

The Mutant Rap Takeover Part 3

“My boobs are always a topic of discussion,” says Chippy Nonstop, giggling effervescently. Decked out in a mesh button-down, frayed denim hot pants, and yin-yang decorated John Lennon shades, it’s easy to understand how Chippy Nonstop’s voluptuousness gets so much attention. Once the conversation passes the ostentatiousness of her jugs, you’ll see that the 20-year-old, Oakland-based rapper is the undisputed Queen of Twerk, a style of booty music indigenous to Oaktown.

Now she’s ready for world domination—or at least a devoted East Coast following. The young rapstress is bringing her beats to New York City for the summer, spreading her rhyme-heavy gospel at Bushwick warehouse parties and Manhattan club nights.

Pint-sized with video vixen curves, Chippy Nonstop née Chhavi Nanda, made her indelible mark in the California hip hop game as a gyrating hype dancer for Los Angeles DJ zAK-MATIC. Her twerk-tastic moves caught the eye of Paul Devro, creative director of Diplo’s record label Mad Decent, who, after sensing the dynamic magnetism of a natural-born performer, urged Nanda to give the rap game a try. Shortly after, an out-of-the-blue tweet from The Pack’s Stunnaman led to her first rapping experience. “I didn’t even know him at all. He hit me up on Twitter and asked me if I ever planned on doing this—like making a career out of rapping,” explains Nanda, lounging in the lobby of the Bowery Hotel in New York. “After I did that hook I was getting calls to do stuff with people, so I did a bunch of features and I just put out my first solo mixtape.”

Upon first listen, it might be easy to dismiss the internet-obsessed Nanda’s debut offering #GLOBALSCHOOLOFTWERK as frivolous hipster party rap. Upon closer inspection, idiosyncrasies emerge: seething Hindi rhymes, crunchy dance beats, and a hyphy-inspired energy that help underscore Nanda’s unusual inspirations.

Nanda enlisted East Bay beatmaker DJ NanosauR to help craft the album, but maintained a very hands-on approach. “All of the producers I have worked with recognize that I understand how to get a certain sound, or that I know a lot about different kinds of music that are really influential to me,” Nanda says. “On my mixtape, I basically co-produced it. I was there watching and helping every step of the way. I want to start making my own beats soon.”

The mixtape is slathered with sexuality-heavy raps over a patina of bootylicious bangers, and Nanda is cognizant of the emphasis put on her scant outfits and attention-grabbing assets. “If you’re a girl, you know you have to deal with that. It just comes with the territory. Everyone always breaks down girls by their looks, but you never hear about how ugly a guy rapper is,” she says, struggling to fix her bustier top. “Looks are always a focus when it concerns a female rapper. Even though you want to think that we’re the same as the guys, we have our different roles and people are going to judge you.”

Nanda represents the shifting perception of what a rapper is supposed to be. She has almond-shaped eyes and exotic looks, resembling a subversive Bollywood starlet, but her explicit lyrics and ass-shaking dance moves are more befitting 2 Live Crew.

Currently finishing up a Media Comm-unications degree at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, Nanda got her moniker thanks to an obsession with snack foods, and her tenacious “nonstop” ambition as a freelance writer covering the Bay Area music scene. While her videos—and hedonistic Twitter bio, “VIP and still kicked out”—may convey a “wylin’ out party girl,” (her words), Nanda is in fact a headstrong, well-rounded young woman who spent her childhood living everywhere from Dubai to Africa. “I feel like everyone thinks I am always raging, out of control, and can’t have a down convo,” she admits about the misconceptions created by her loud internet persona. “I don’t think people realize that I am actually really introspective. I definitely have a part of me that’s much deeper than what people take from my stage presence.”

Besides bringing the concept of twerk to the mainstream consciousness, Chippy Nonstop has created a special vernacular of her own—similar to legendary Bay Area rapper and the Godfather of Hyphy, E-40 (who came up with everything from “scrilla” to “fo sheezy”). “I think everyone associates the word and concept of twerking with me,” she says fidgeting with a giant gold hoop earring. “In my little crowd that’s down for me right now, they start picking up my lingo and start talking like me on the internet. I hope in the future maybe there will be a recognized language.”

Until then, we can watch Chippy Nonstop jiggle and bounce, download her infectious mixtapes, and hope that her already-impressive Klout score increases with each twerk.