The Great Aural Interplay 6

by Megan Bedard


From left to right: Shirt and jeans by KENNETH COLE. Jacket and 501 jeans by LEVI’S, Dupree Rattlesnake T-shirt, and vintage 60s Nocona boots. Shirt by GAP, 514 jeans by LEVI’S, and boots by WOLVERINE 1000 MILE.

The Great Aural Interplay 6

A grip of blind dates betwixt a grip of musicians

[it seemed like a good idea at the time]

Dupree interviewed 


 He Met Her

Hey Roy, can we get some con queso and a rack o’ Tecate with this new stack o’tracks? After all, the sounds of Nuestro Camino—the latest album produced by B3 trio Dupree—are undoubtedly Austin-based. Nothing so groovy, so amenable to tokers, so ripe for outdoor music festivals, could come from anywhere else in the decidedly red state. Dupree merges swing, bugaloo, and blues, to create what bandmates Mike Flanigin, Jake Langley, and Kyle Thompson modestly call “music for everyday people.” Let the band play, señorita.

He Met Her: The apocalypse is upon us: what’s your first move?Dupree: Well, I think we’d have to go out like true Texans and do it Alamo-style: well-armed and with our boots on. That said, a modern day version would probably have us gassing up the 1974 Dodge Charger, putting ZZ Top’s Tres Hombres in the 8-track player, and making a run for the Mexican border for a final stand. Matamoros,  the final destination, most likely.  Nothin’ like a good border town to put you in the mood for the apocalypse. Mariachi music and plenty of cerveza would be the order of the day. No doubt the end would be guns a-blazin’.  No quarter.

What is your stance on extraterrestrial life?Some believe life outside of Texas exists.  We don’t.

Ever done it with a groupie? How many times?Let’s just say, over the years, we’ve had our share of run-ins with the women on the other side of the chicken wire. The most beautiful women in the world are in Texas.

What’s your favorite Chuck Taylor style/color?Leather and in the shape of a boot. Do they make that? If not, they should. We don’t wear shorts either, but if we did, we’d wear boots with those, too. Jeans and boots, jeans and boots, jeans and boots. That’s the getup of all three members of Dupree, 24-7, even when we sleep. Now, that’s not to say we’re not fans of ol’ Chuck and the style he’s been throwin’ down for decades. A quick trip to Barton Springs on a hot Texas summer afternoon usually means an eyeful of lovely Texas ladies wading the shallows with Chucks on, cut-off Levi’s and the smallest of bikini tops. Bring your bandana to wipe the sweat off your brows boys—it’s pretty dang hot!

What is your favorite party poison?Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers. That about sums it up for Dupree. Lone Star and Dos Equis are the flavors. Austin has about the best damn places to hide out, play a game of pool, listen to the jukebox and drink a cold one in the entire U.S. of A. The Horseshoe Lounge, Deep Eddy Cabaret, The Broken Spoke, The Sahara Lounge, The Poodle Dog Lounge—these are but a few of the dark, well air-conditioned joints we favor when the thermometer gets real red and you’ve got to go underground. Of course, on top of that list is The Continental Club and its adjacent Continental Gallery—Elvis played there, and it’s our home base. Nothin’ finer than to get some friends together and head over to The Continental for a beer (okay, we’ll probably have a shot of tequila, too) for some of the best live music and good times this side of the Rio Grande.

If your music was a soundtrack, which film would it be for?That’s an easy one (filmed in Texas of course): Sam Peckinpah’s 1972 movie The Getaway. Steve McQueen (badass) and Ali MacGraw (fine ass)—it’s got it all, and Dupree’s Nuestro Camino has a song for every scene. Gettin’ outta prison, has to be ‘Malibu Classic.’ Robbin’ a bank: ‘KC.’ Car chase: ‘The Turtle.’ And when you get shot, nothing makes a final farewell sadder than ‘Moto Guzzi’ in the background.

Photographer: Steven Visneau for