by D.M. Collins

Tanner Petulla, AKA Getter, by his own admission still has a lot to learn. But luckily for us, he hasn’t waited around too long before releasing potent tracks–especially “Dubstep Is Dead” (from 2014’s Inner Working EP). Although it’s a full-fledged dubstep song, it toys with our ears, sampling a half dozen creepy children’s voices mocking the very “dubstep” it perfects, then tantalizing us with a false drop of interesting synthy proportions before suddenly DAMN-HERE-COMES-THE-REAL-DROP-AND-THESE-BEATS-WILL-KILL-YOU-NOW. Despite the hardness and trickery of some of his music, the man who spoke on the other end of the phone was reserved, even humble—but then again, maybe the “nice guy” is just the last untouched corner of personality where a DJ can still carve out his own spot?

What do you do to stick in listener’s minds?

I have a super strong personality that a lot of people can relate to. I can make one kind of music, and then another kind, and, like, dress weird. I’m wearing a different colored hair every month! Maybe kids will start dyeing their hair or wearing tied-dye shirts and being weird. I just want to do something different.

Who’s your greatest musical inspiration in that regard?

Flying Lotus, man. There’s really no category for him, because he can do anything. He can make EDM, he can bridge that gap between “real music” and electronic music shows. People will remember you if you do something that stands out like that.

Picking any era, who from the “real music” world would you like to collaborate with?

Man, if I had a studio session with Jimi Hendrix! Or Mac DeMarco, the folk musician from Canada; he’s been really inspiring me lately. My buddy from Santa Cruz, named Tree, when he comes over, has a field-recording mic and will record instruments out in the wild and we’ll put them into our music. It’s a completely different field of shit!

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