by flaunt

After four years without a new LP release, psychedelic/neo-folk rockers Entrance are back. What cataclysm could have convinced frontman Guy Blakeslee that now was time for an act of musical dissidence? If I told you that their new single was a deeply felt protest ballad titled “Not Gonna Say Your Name” with lyrics like You’re wrong if you think we can look the other way / while you kick our friends to the floor and I might have to see your face a hundred times every day / but I’m not gonna say your name, you could probably guess, no?

The swelling of artistic commitment in response to the new administration’s assumption of power has been a small but meaningful consolation during these dark times, and “Not Gonna Say Your Name” inspires hope in its give ‘em hell insistence that we won’t let he who shall not be named divide us or bring us backwards. The song has a mournful, timeless quality that puts it in line with the protest music of Guthrie or Dylan, but it stands on its own as a reflection of the current moment and new modes of resistance. Even better, all profits from the track go to support Planned Parenthood. Light a candle and commiserate for a good cause.

Entrance’s new album Book of Changes is out February 24th, 2017. You can also catch them at the upcoming Planned Parenthood Benefit concert on February 14th at the Teragram Ballroom.

Written by Sid Feddema