DJ Shadow and Run The Jewels release deliciously violent video for their track “Nobody Speak”

by Miles Griffis


DJ Shadow ft. Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak directed by Sam Pilling

In their new music video for “Nobody Speak” DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels remind us that we and our political leaders are only animals.

The scene: a presumed United Nations meeting where the POTUS and the United Kingdom Prime Minister argue back and forth with dubbed lyrics from Killer Mike and EI-P (Run the Jewels) before the entire round table of diplomats enter a violent fight with raised fists and swinging flagpoles. A pig oinks his way through the chaos, birds flap chaotically, and a chicken dodges a fight between world leaders. The fight is calmed when a cleaning woman comes in and embarasses the leaders. To clean up their mess.

Many have noted the music video is a commentary on the tumultuous 2016 presidential election and are backed with Killer Mike’s quote “It's what I really wish Trump and Hillary would just do and get it over with.” Yet, the video shows the United Nations  fighting when they are supposed to be agreeing, when they are supposed to be solving the world’s problems. The video reaches far beyond the current tug-of-war between Hillary and Trump, though, the song does mock Trump explicitly, “Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest.”