by Simon Casterly

Danish producer and singer Anders Rhedin performs under the moniker Dinner. A nomad divided between L.A., Berlin, and Copenhagen, he’s put out three EPs and a meditation tape since 2012. Creativity is combinatorial, and murky to describe, but Rhedin’s EPs reminisce beautiful moments in your snobbiest friend’s vinyl collection—the Bowies, the Andersons, the Mauses, the Cab Voltaires, to name a few.

Here, at a French café in Los Feliz, he speaks about his work.

How would you describe your sound? 

Well, imagine that you’re at a pool party in Los Angeles and maybe you’re painfully self-aware. Maybe your skin is too pale compared to the other guests there, or something. And then you keep drinking these frozen drinks. Frozen margaritas. Or daiquiris, is that what it is? Irrelevant, frozen drinks. When I do, it makes me feel kind of queasy, uneasy. The whole thing of drinking so much slushy ice, with alcohol in it. So imagine you’re at this pool party, and the sun is really warm, and you keep on drinking these frozen drinks, and then all of a sudden you’re on the verge of throwing up, and all these 10 beautiful people around you, and there’s a swimming pool. And you’re thinking, ‘can I actually reach the bathroom in time,’ and ‘where is the bathroom?’ That experience is the way to describe what Dinner sounds like, or feels like.

Will there be drinks with Dinner?

Would’ve been better if we had breakfast. Breakfast with dinner.

How did Dinner come about?

The name? I think I wanted to call it—I think the decision was between Dinner and Dinner Party, or something. There’s also a whole element to it. That is: to some extent, I do believe in magical sigils—in the sense that, let’s say you make some sort of representation of something. In a writer’s sentence, take out the vowels, for instance. Scratch out the consonants, and then you use the shape of the letters to create a magical sign, and maybe you meditate on it, or use it in a ritual; whatever you might want to do. I feel that names have the same value. In terms of being some symbol that you put out there, and somehow it bends reality. I’m not quite sure how. But, it seems to be doing it on some level. I would say like brand names. Like Coca-Cola logo is a very powerful sigil. But the point is, I thought “dinner is good.” I didn’t think this before, coming up with this but after having thought of it, I thought: “maybe dinner will actually magically resonate in a way so that it puts dinner on the table.” I used to have another project, they were called Le Fiasko, they had great success but they disbanded after a year because some of them got into a fight. So, I really do feel that names, somehow...I should call the next band: Money and Diamonds and Big Cars, maybe. Champagne, Money and Cars.

Photographer: Sophie Caby at sophiecaby.com.