by Elaina Ransford



I Didn't Attend the Funeral, but I Sent a Nice Letter

The average male life expectancy is 71 years. David August, at 24, is only one third of the way through his time on Earth.

And yet, August’s biography reads more like that of somebody shopping around for mid-life crisis Corvettes. At five he learned to play the piano, at 15 he gained his first club residencies, at 17 he DJ’d with the likes of Carl Craig and Format B, and by 18 he had  released his first EP.

A classically trained musician, August talks about music in the same manner as he plays it: esoterically, intelligently, sharply, and confidently. His youth, combined with ego and talent, has enabled the creation of his distinctive house music, as well as the freedom to carve an equally unique path in life.

You’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth somewhere deep in the jungle. You hear music, what is it?

Josquin Des Préz – “Stabat Mater Dolorosa”

What’s in your knapsack for the foreseeable future?

Diary, coffee, laptop, score of Bach's Goldberg Variations, headphones, phone.

Describe your relationship to bass as it relates to living in cities.

Bass is physical energy. As it’s irreplaceable in music—not necessary though—it’s like the physical energy big cities have which is not necessarily irreplaceable.

Describe your relationship to the weather as it relates to your creation of music.

I feel like a tempest could condemn you to write an epic piece of music. I see a relation between the power weather can have with the epic nature of music.

But generally I am quite independent from weather as I do not see daylight in my studio. So I might write funeral music while the sun burns your skin…I don’t care.

What was the last film you saw that you told someone else to see?

Rope by Alfred Hitchcock.

Are you scared of the future?

When I was 20 I thought: how is life gonna be when I am 24? Now I am asking myself how life will be when I’m 30. You scare yourself by asking, I think.

But I really wonder how the Earth and its people will be in ages when killing, consumption and dishonesty keep growing like they do now.