The Beginners' 'What We Are' Video Paints All Over What You Thought of the Female Anatomy

by Melody Amirkhanian

Stepping out of the box with their new music video for "What We Are," LA-based pop band, Beginners give us a funky and colorful ride through their lyrics. With balloons popping and blue lips talking, the group is loud and proud to say that they don’t care what anyone thinks. The group has collaborated with Kygo and been featured on hit shows like CW’s The Vampire Diaries and FOX’s New Girl. With 5 million streams on Spotify, the band is using their voice to advocate for women’s power in the industry.

Above all, it embraces femme force.
— Jenna Josepher

The muse behind the bright colors and human bodies, is their feminist pride. “It’s about refusing oppressive notions of femininity and worth and finding power and confidence in being exactly who you are,” says band-mate Samantha Barbera of the track. They teamed up with director Jenna Josepher to create a language--not just of words, but of the body. “Hips murmur the lyrics as bodies sway to the beat. Lower backs wag with sassy tongues. A naked, pregnant belly inflates a balloon. Breasts, endowed with eyes instead of nipples, watch you as you watch them,”  Jenna says of their creation. We already feel the embrace of female empowerment. 

Written by Melody Amirkhanian