by flaunt

Vito Camaro is a cipher, a mystery. The reclusive singer, music producer and visual artist’s work is informed by his synaesthesia and struggles with mental health issues – depression, psychosis, and substance abuse – which he channels into uniquely lurid pop, crossed with dark lyrical themes and an aesthetic informed by low-brow art, transgressive cinema, rap music and internet subcultures.

Camaro’s psychedelic lyrics vibrate against his vivid, self-produced sonic backdrop of squishy synths, Timbaland-esque beats, and spaced out guitar. It’s futuristic pop à la Prince, George Clinton, and Justin Timberlake on mescaline, tinged with  hints of early 00’s R&B.

His self-directed, self-animated video for Midnite Creep is a warped, oversaturated acid trip homage to the early 00’s R&B music video, but with cues from his favourite directors: Kenneth Anger, Jodorowsky, Baz Luhrman, Dario Argento, and references to 1970s horror, occult symbolism, and classic Queer imagery via Pier et Giles, James Bidgood and John Waters.

Vito will be dropping his EP ‘GURRRL’ this Spring, with a host of self-directed videos, and a subsequent mixtape, ‘Slaycation’, soon to follow.

You can go deeper into Vito’s world on his tumblr page, and by following him on Instagram @vitocamaro