Mild Minds new EP and video premiere | "Weak Signal"

by Ryane Gonsalves

Mild Minds has curated a three-song EP to make his debut as ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective newest edition. SWIM, the title of his EP, is out now! The EP is a work of artistry, encouraging listeners to dance to the melodic beats and harmonies. In regard to the new release, Mild Minds said, "I wanted to do something that was completely 'me' in that moment. After being used to working with songs that had elaborate visions over long periods of time, it was nice to make music simply as it came out. Without overthinking it, without pausing or questioning the process like I was used to."

The video for “Weak Signal“ directed by Ryan Hills exemplified the spirit of the track with its matching throw back visuals. A fluid hue helps to make the video transition with ease against a surveillance styled voyeur cams, nothing is as impactful and relevant as a little a home made VHS filming.


Get a glimpse of Mild Minds’ solo material with songs written between Joshua Tree and Lake Arrowhead, two places more than capable of sparking creativity. Listen to SWIM here. The Australian musician discusses the tone of his release, “This was the last track I made on the EP, I actually started it after I'd being working on my upcoming album for about a year. The album is a lot more serious and a little darker, so it was a lot of fun making something a little more tongue in cheek and playful. The nostalgic look of the video really fits the song and it was something I'd been wanting to do for a while so I'm really happy with how it turned out. Big thanks to Foreign Family's team.” For the time being, Mild Minds will be working on and finalizing his forthcoming debut LP.


Get the EP here and Remixes here.

Photo courtesy of Andy Noël and Tegan Lee