Meet Streetwear's Favorite 9 Year Old

by Flaunt Magazine

Talk about an early start .. Dear Giana is a 9 year-old model, stylist, artist, and all-around fashion enthusiast. Recognized as a (miniature) Hypebae, Giana finds inspiration through her mom's old Vogue and Harper's Bazaar fashion magazines. She regularly scans through fashion ads and recreates them using different art supplies.

Her following is growing, as her mom manages her social media accounts and posts photos of her flexing the trendiest (and smallest) fits. But perhaps her latest stunt is most impressive. Using her simple art supplies, usually paper and markers, Giana recreates designer handbags and other products. 

Fashion Mamas are hosting Lil G's pop-up art show on Saturday, July 14th at The ROW in Downtown LA. From 10-4pm, she will be displaying her artwork and premiering some new pieces.

Written by: Taylor Donley