Reyes I Finn Presents Maya Stovall: Machine and Yevgeniya Baras: Skirting Legibility

by Chris Maghsodi


Detroit, Michigan is the location where Reyes I Finn will be presenting two solo exhibitions of new work by Maya Stovall and Yevgeniya Baras, titled Machine and Skirting Legibility. The opening reception will take place at the gallery on Friday, September 13 from 6 to 8pm. Maya Stovall a Detroit native, who constantly travels back and forth from LA to Detroit and vice versa, explores the idea and heights of questioning existence. As an anthropologist and conceptual artist, she works across moving and still image, objects, and performance. Deploying her frameworks of time, space, and place to press questions of historical context, as well as contemporary living. For her first solo exhibition with Reyes | Finn, she presents a new wall-mounted installation of neon works titled A _____ that is supposed to defy gravity. These works are shown alongside her new neon series, 1526 (NASDAQ: FAANG). Inspired by and referencing upon over 490 years and tens of thousands of pages of African American historical archives.

Yevgeniya Baras is a Brooklyn-based artist whose slow, multi-layered canvases exist between sculpture in low relief and painting. Baras’s marks accumulate as stitches, folds, embedded found objects, and layers of paint. Abuse, Instability, and abandonment are all topics involved in her artistic process. Symbols and Elements of text in Cyrillic and Latin are both involved on the surface of her works. This results into the work emerging as bilingual objects, imperfect, spirited, as well as mysterious. She will be presenting eight new paintings for her first solo exhibition with Reyes I Finn.

Maya Stovall 5L5A2076.jpg
Yevgeniya Baras 5L5A1956.jpg