Flaunt Premiere | Maverick Sabre "Slow Down" Feat. Jorja Smith

by Flaunt Magazine


Melodic songwriter Maverick Sabre is due for his third album, “When I Wake Up,” on March 22. Until then, he has released a few singles to hold us over. Succeeding the singles “Drifting” and “Her Grace” ft. Chronixx, Maverick has collaborated with Grammy-nominated artist Jorja Smith on his latest single “Slow Down.”

The music video directed by Rashid Babiker, who directed the likes of Jorja’s “On Your Own” and “Teenage Fantasy,” parallels two similar storylines of separate individuals. Mav takes on the role of Jorja’s cab driver as they both share confessional thoughts while Mav drives in the rain. The gloomy lighting paired with juxtaposed shots and creative edits attune with Maverick’s brassy voice and Jorja’s soulful cadence.

"The video inspired by the lyrics in the song represents two people, both in a similar experience expressing honestly, unfiltered, how they feel, said Mav, speaking about the video. “The question we wanted to leave open was whether these two characters in the story are connected or not and if that even matters, what does is no matter what experience/situation you are in there is someone else who is feeling the exact same way."

The dreamy music video for “Slow Down” is out today, Feb. 6. After the album release, which is available to pre-order, Maverick will tour the United Kingdom for the first time in five years.

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