The Martinez Brothers | Space James Volume 1

by Paulette Ely

If you’ve ever seen the Martinez Brothers live, you’ve been awaiting this drop forever. If you haven’t- here’s a little taste of what you’re missing. The Bronx brothers gave us ‘Space James Volume 1-‘ a 13 track tribute to the best of funk music and a taste of their 24 hour house sets. The duo makes every stage their home, and with this release they’ve essentially seized the entire property of the disco/ funk-house scene. This is a mixtape that brings 1970’s originals a new spot on the dance floor with reworked songs that are literally making my hips move at my desk as I type this. As artists, The Bros have proven time and time again that they can outperform anyone and any enhancement. This mixtape only further proves that their production skills and ravenous rave souls are a force that really does reign supreme. Rock this mixtape any time of day, any hour of the night, and as said by the The Martinez Brother’s themselves- “rock it LOUD.” 

Check it below… you’re welcome.