by Britta Cameron

BUFFALO   shoes.

BUFFALO shoes.

Make way for the newest edition to the female power movement, a DJ from Berlin who goes by Martafakka. With a background in Tech House, Funk House, Hip-Hop, RnB, and Afro House, she curates explosive beats that pulsate through the listener’s body causing them to not only feel Martafakka’s energy in her songs, but also having an almost out of body experience. As well, her expertise in mixing different genres creates a new kind of music and allows for a wide range of people to enjoy her work. Beyond her musical genius, she is an avid traveller, inspired learner, and according to her Instagram, is an animal lover as well. Take pleasure in reading the following interview with the creative genius.  

BUFFALO   shoes.

BUFFALO shoes.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

My favorites would be Dixon, Honey Dijon and Black Coffee

What are you currently working on? And how is the process going?

My main goal right now is to achieve the knowledge of producing myself. I have my roots in Hip- Hop and RnB and want to learn now more about electronic music especially tech house, funkhouse…

I know that you have performed in Berlin, where would you love to perform next?

I would love to perform in Ibiza, Amsterdam, London and New York.

What is your favorite thing about performing and your fans?

The best thing about djing is when you feel that people are getting exactly into your vibe and enjoy the party.

What inspires your specific sound?

I already traveled a lot in my life and I have been to many clubs where I got a lot of different vibe and music inspiration.

What do you want your listeners to feel or take away from your music?

The most important thing is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and of course amazing energy! People should feel good and free while listening to my music. Its all about energy.

What does your music creating process look like?

I start with collecting my current favourite songs. After that it goes on with the main part; FIND MATCHING SONGS! It is my goal to combine all music genres with each other. There are no boundaries! Its kind of a process of course.

Do you have a specific song that means a lot to you? What makes it special to you?

It’s “Dirty Diana“ from Michael Jackson since I was a kid. It always hat something mystic about it…Who the f*** is Diana?!