Marni Moon Walk | Salone del Mobile 2019

by Drew Penner

Easily one of the coolest efforts to come out of the 2019 edition of Salone del Mobile, a crucial stop on the global design circuit, is the latest from Marni. The furniture folks over at the Italian fashion house have taken an intergalactic but relaxed approach in crafting the Marni Moon Walk, on view April 11 - 14.

MARNI MOON WALK Installation.jpg
MARNI MOON WALK Installation slides.jpg

They use relaxed forms, deployed in a high-end aesthetic, blending gentle pastels to add a playfulness for daytime accessibility over at Viale Umbria 42. But the true power of the pieces unfold themselves as day shifts to night. So while in the light these objects are beach ready and exciting, adorned in bold primary colors, with gentle trim lines, it’s the black light-esque club environment that turns up the proverbial volume. I’m thinking perhaps it would work well as a backdrop for psytrance, cyber techno or even posh electro. The stepped fencing provides just the right industrial feel for the adult playground, literally with slides (as in the kind you slide down).

MARNI MOON WALK Installation day.jpg

The firm was attempting to create a space in with “primitive allure” that taps into an “imagination of the future,” with adaptable products like wooden and metal coffee tables, as well as natural fiber rugs. Marni even went so far as to make animal-shaped stools out of metal, which it had painted by hand.

Marni Moon Walk

April 11 - 14 2019

Viale Umbria 42

Milan, Italy

MARNI MOON WALK Installation.jpg
MARNI MOON WALK Installation.jpg