MAISON the FAUX presents "MAISON pour MAISON"

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

“There’s no place like home,” Dorothy Gale famously proclaimed in 1939’s landmark film The Wizard of Oz. The phrase, which entered the world’s subconscious and stayed there decades after the film’s release, transcends the traditional meaning of “home,” by signifying the comfort, or warmth felt when surrounded by loved ones in a familiar environment. “Home is where the heart is,” another well-known phrase states, which proves the meaning of home can possess you in other places besides where you lay your head down to rest. But the word “home,” can unveil other feelings besides stability and love, such as how it can provoke loneliness when stuck at “home,” on a Friday night. Or how the word “home,” can feel like a prison when you’re trapped in a small town, dreaming about a larger world existing outside your comfort zone. In “MAISON pour MAISON,” a fashion presentation held during Amsterdam Fashion Week, MAISON the FAUX presented their newest collection which was detailed in a series of vignettes showcasing the many interpretations one can summon when thinking about “home.”

From scenes depicting the sense of unity experienced when living with people you love to settings imagining the bedroom as a prison, and the chaotic environment created when rehousing, MAISON the FAUX fitted their models with their rendition of leisure wear, with looks ranging from robes combined with sleeping hats, bedroom gowns, two-piece PJ’s, and sweaters donned with MAISON the FAUX Melatonin graphics. The setting’s mise en scene included pillows, duvets, mattresses, and sleep-masks to convey the universal feeling of home.

MAISON the FAUX describes itself as a “creative studio posing as a grand couture fashion house.” The studio has recently underwent major renovations to its brand as it is no longer accepting whole sale orders and is, instead, now focusing their energy towards more creative pursuits such as costume design, spatial design, and art direction. They will present “MAISON pour MAISON,” at Tokyo Fashion Week later this year which will produce even more home fashion products, including the ones showcased during Amsterdam Fashion Week.