LEGO McLaren Senna: A blockish twist on the luxury car

by Taylor Giangregorio

If you love the luxury and glory embodied in the McLaren Senna supercar but find yourself intimidated by such an intense driver experience (or, quite frankly, the overwhelming price point) LEGO might have created a dream car catered to this exact experience. Taking 5,000 hours to create and weighing over 1,000 pounds more than the actual car, the LEGO version makes for a heavyweight, life-size version of the toy car, although probably a little more expensive to produce than the toy’s $14.99 retail price.

Unlike any other LEGO model, the McLaren Senna features authentic interior parts from a real version of the car. The cabin, which can be accessed under the removable LEGO brick dihedral doors, includes genuine carbon-fibre seats, pedals, and steering wheel from the real Senna. Fans of the luxury brand and toy manufacturer alike have the opportunity to “test-drive” the LEGO make at an array of events, including England’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in early July.

Photos courtesy of McLaren