LECLAIREUR | Pierre Jeanneret

by BJ Panda Bear

LECLAIREUR  just debut a selection of rare Pierre Jeanneret pieces at their West Hollywood store. The pieces were authenticated by historian Jacques Dworczak. The evening celebrated Dworczak, who also presented a book cataloguing the items and the details from the travel that came with his findings. 

The story of the actual pieces is a rare gem in themselves as the origins of the pieces came from. Chandigarh, India was designed by Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret. Laid out as a grid which featured the architectural and design elements of the cousins, the city would come to represent India’s independence and the symbolism between freedom, faith, and future. The masterful design which still feel relevant now is a testament to the forward ideas of these greats. 

Authenticated Pierre Jeanneret furniture as well as Jacques Dworvzak's Catalogue Raisonné Du Mobilier: Jeanneret Chandigarh are available at LECLAIREUR 

Photos by Jester Jungco