LALIQUE's Version of Natural Beauty

by Tyler Mazaheri

LALIQUE, named after the ‘inventor of modern jewellery’, René-Jules Lalique, debuted their second Lifestyle Presentation at The Greenwich Hotel, introducing masterfully sculpted designs that perfectly embody the timeless French lifestyle. Following Lalique tradition, the collections took inspiration from nature, more specifically—flora, fauna, and the feminine, the three bodies around which René Lalique originally won over his distinguished clientele. On April 2nd, the brand presented a beautiful assortment of designs bound in luxury, comprised of introductions to the brand’s six different brand pillars: jewelry, decorative objects, fragrance, interior design, art, and hospitality.

The jewelry presented brought a contemporary twist to René Lalique's original designs, employing more modern, streamlined stylings, inspired by the Art Deco movement, as well as elevated materials and colorways. While these advances were made, the designs made sure to preserve the brand’s “vintage” legacy, even incorporating motifs rooted in antiquated Greek mythologies. Coming in an assortments of colors, with lines made for both men and women, there seems to be something for everyone.

As for art and decorative objects—as we know art and design to not be mutually exclusive—Lalique has teamed up with artist Arik Levy and sports car manufacturer, McLaren, to bring a series of crystal works inspired by nature, and the ways by which we and the creatures around us interact with it. Arik Levy, multi-talented artist whose talents amass genres of sculpture, painting, photography, design, and video, has teamed up with the brand to make Rockstone 40, a 40-centimeter-tall “totemic structure,” inspired by “spatial dimension and the phenomenon of reflection.” Made of crystal, the design comes in four different colors, each corresponding with a different facet of nature—red (fire/survival), blue (water/sky/azure), green (plantlife/nature), and clear (light/air/oxygen). Next, McLaren and Lalique teamed up to create crystallized embodiments of nature’s fastest creatures in Essence of Speed, embodying the intersection by which the two names meet—in their appreciation for the greatness within nature and its lifeforms. Like Lalique, the car manufacturer has found inspiration in nature’s own, so in a way, the collaboration seems to give homage to the grounds upon which they’ve built themselves.

Whether it be founded in a fascination for light or in an affinity for cheetahs and falcons, Lalique has made it clear that our greatest inspiration should be what is already all around us, whether it be the air we breathe or the ground we walk on.