LALIQUE x Arik Levy | RockStone 40,

by Andrés Gudiño

Multi hyphenate artist, Arik Levy, has collaborated with LALIQUE art to create an ethereal, one-of-a-kind crystal collection. They glow of brilliant Earth tones: amber, blue, green and clear an extension of the artists ’previous work and fascination with crystals. Titled RockStone 40, each of the crystals measure at about fifteen inches in length, yet feature their own unique lines, divots, cracks, and  imperfections that only something nature could create. The collection was designed by Arik Levy and made by LALIQUE’s Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen in France). Find more details and images on the collection at

Photos courtesy of Arik Levy Studio et Lalique/ Florian Kleinefenn