Knorts | "Ms. New Booty."  

by Agathe Pinard

Knorts, the denim knitwear line handmade with indigo-dyed yarn, just released a new film featuring models Chavi St. Hill (from the Fenty x show), Kayla Blackmon, Cheyann Washington, Milena Bray, Karis Dolberry. The LA-based brand is a fresh denim experience that offers the intimate pleasure of unrestricted movement while accentuating the most flattering curves of every body. With the intention of solving the industry’s biggest problem of ill-fitting, uncomfortable denim, Founder, Eleanore Guthrie, sets out to expose denim problems faced by real people. This new fashion film written by NY-based writer and teacher, Glynn Pogue and directed by Cory Nixon, the film is a young woman’s coming-of-age story about having a booty that’s larger than life, and her journey of finding fashion that fits.

Photographed by Mike Schmidt

Models:  Chavi St. HillKayla Blackmon, Cheyann Washington, Milena Bray, Karis Dolberry

Music: Nicole Miglis