Flaunt Premiere | Kiyomi “High Ladder”

by Taylor Giangregorio

Australian electric pop artist Kiyomi may be mysterious, but the video that complements her debut release “High Ladder” tells us everything we need to know about the exploratory singer.

"I wrote ‘High Ladder’ when chasing the dream was like chasing moonlight. It was a time of many closed doors and this song started to open them. High Ladder comes from my head and my heart and I hope it resonates with other dreamers,” explained Kiyomi.

The video portrays Kiyomi on a pedestal from the shoulders up— her bone structure contoured to look like a chiseled greek bust— as multiple hands reach to glorify her face. Directed by iconic hair sculptor Charlie Le Mindu, the video explores Kiyomi’s introverted quirks, as a pattern of hands protruding from the wall behind the singer move to parallel the lyrics.

“As soon as I heard the song ‘High Ladder,’ I had this wild idea for the video,” said Charlie Le Mindu. “Kiyomi is one of the bright young rising stars in pop music today. She is super imaginative and creates her own world, so we wanted the video to show that.”

Kiyomi proclaims “Beauty and the strange lock lips every day,” suggesting that one’s appearance can be fun to alter and enhance with makeup and fashion, but should not be the main focus of life. Kiyomi exudes wisdom in her performance, paying tribute to the truth that art connects us to the truest form of our being. Although the timid Kiyomi appears entrapped, she comes through more powerful than ever in the video sending the message that there will always be struggles and inner demons on the path to achieving any goal.

Kiyomi’s work functions to provide substance and guidance to the audience. Alongside the creative insight of Le Mindu, many truths are revealed in the art that is the “High Ladder” music video, out on Jan. 25.